Fulmax 21 Tannery is a modern, small and flexible private company, built in 1994, with a main activity manufacture of natural leather.

Main Office

Central office

New Workshop
View of the new workshop with the water refine station

The tannery manufactures:

Cattlehide nappa for men’s, women’s, children’s and work shoes: conventional, aniline, semi-aniline, in all color varieties upon  the customer's request.
Cattlehide fatliquored leather: semi-chrome, waterproof, full grain and embossed.
Cattle - and buffalo vegetable tanned blank for belts, saddlery and accessories , with a thickness  of 3 to
5 mm.
Cattlehide  nubuk, normal and oiled leader - Ranger and Orlando.
Cattlehide suede for shoes.
Cattlehide nappa for garments, upholstery and leather articles.
Cattlehide and pig wet – blue for export.
Cattlehide and horse fur leather.
Pig-, cattle- and goatskin "eco" leather for sports items, linings and small leather articles.
Kidskin nappa for clothing and gloves.
Natural leather work bags for power engineers, working in railroad services, construction, etc..
Hunting articles – belts, cartridge-belts, gun holsters and other natural leather accessories.

Fulmax 21 offers it's production not only to the Bulgarian market but also on varios international markets – we successfully export to Macedonia ,Greece, Serbia, France, Great Britain and other countries.

June 2007 Fulmax 21 pass through Certificate of Quality management system certification, and in June 2009 the company was again certified with the new standard – ISO 9001:2008. We have also been certified by ISO 140001:2004 - an Environmental management certificate from November 2007.


For the forthcoming season of fall-winter, Fulmax 21 AD, Gabrovo offers waterproof nappa for winter’s, sports and work shoes at good prices. Color black, Thickness:
1.6 – 1.8 mm, 1.8 – 2.0 and 2+ mm



A new workshop for wet treatment was built, equipped and put into operation with the assistance of the Phare Programme. It’s equipped with a water-refine station, too and produces leader till phase Wet blue.

For the quality of it’s production process Fulmax uses a few very important things:
A highly qualified workforce.
Modern technology, chemicals and machines, imported from Czech, Italian, Poland, German machines and units.

  The company is open to cooperation with new European partners.
              The company has a Certificate by ISO 9001:2008